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This form allows any webmaster to request a link to his site from our list of links on the condition that he/she includes a link to In the case that the request is accepted the link that is proposed will be added to our list of links.

Please read our link building policy at the bottom and make your link building request by filling in the form and by pressing the submit button. The link building request will be evaluated and a notice message will be send to the email address which is provided in the form.

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  1. We believe in protecting your privacy, and will not share the information provided with third parties outside of "Jan Verspecht bvba".
  2. A notification message will be send to the email address which is provided as soon as the request to add the link has been evaluated.
  3. The requested link can be removed from our linking list at all times by sending an email to with as subject "remove link" followed by the URL of the link to be removed.
  4. The requesting webmaster accepts to add a link from his website to within two weeks after receiving a positive notification message.
  5. A link is only posted at as long as the web site contains a link to This condition will be checked on a regular base.
  6. By submitting this form, you are indicating you are in agreement with the link building policy listed above.

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